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What the FFF@#$ am I doing here????????????

December 11, 2011

There are many things that life is made up of……..among them a few are there, which cannot be taken away from one and the rest can be simply confiscated. Ones tears, misery,mystery,mirth,excitement, anger,silence,fear,smile,ambition,passion,happiness and the whole gamut of human emotions as such bear a very very personal touch. They shall stay till one lives. They are what one is. These cannot be taken away. However the objects which evoke these emotions can be lost any moment.Ones freinds,  job,  family,ones sarroundings in general So is our existence just an expression of emotions?, that stays as long as we are….?

A BIG BIG SORRY!!!!!!I wont explore such dizzying questions any further….. but do some very ordinary things that might just end up being extra-ordinary. In every post that I write I shall write things that have been reasons for my happiness (by happiness I dont mean I have danced in glee everytime but  just in a subtle sense)…. Now…they may be as trivial as an English alphabet, to someting more important like MY own management theory, or it may be a famous personality, a side dish, a girl, a colour,a person,or just an insect…..anything…..though deeply personal it may turn out to be others reasons for being happy as well….

About the name of this site: Soulsoupkitchen basically means a community kitchen which distributes food for peoples’ souls. Time will only tell whether the food to be served proves nourishing or utter junk…

The Rant at the top……basically means” the reason why i am here….”


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