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A humble begining: My FIRST blog post LIKE!

December 13, 2011

Why do we crave for others attention? Is it because our own inner compass has become ineffective and our lifes journey is possible only if we are able to spot some stars in the sky, that help us come up with directions…. but feel “all lost” on the way when the sky becomes overcast and dark with clouds?…………….Or is it because…. thats what makes us silly little human beings, and not the great Almighty? For that matter…. Given any day, any hour, any minute.. it is always easier to be “error prone” humans than be the” infaalible” superhumans that we assume ourselves to be….

WOWS!!! Now what was that!!!……Thanks, Thanks, thanks a lot….. I know my saintly wisdom has caused quite a stir among the teeming masses  and a thunderous applause shall soon follow………………………………………………………

Oh…I cant hear any claps ….fine…..No issues….lets get down to the basics then.

Lets admit, this is not my first attempt at blogging…I have tried it before…pushed myself hard, ransacked my brain  to fill up the blank screen on the monitor with some meaningful stuff. Started to write about something, felt that it was too drab,deleted it, toyed with some other idea that felt better, again started writing, felt that it was too light… again chucked it and this went on.  Finally I did manage to write a post but postponed the idea of writing further, because nobody had bothered to read it leave alone leave a comment or a “like”. (Even a”dislike” would have been worth the effort). 

Needless to say I discarded this whole concept of blogging feeling it was way beyond my ability…

Blogging,  now I realize, is the easiest thing to do. One has to simply  fill up (or better still waste) “costly”  free of cost unlimited web space with words,pictures,clippings, doodles, junk(like me),smileys whatever. And thats the long and short of it.

And then then then….after dumping junk  for the first time in my life..within post gets a view and the very first” like” from a beautiful and a popular  blogger. Truly it felt good……the way the “solitary reaper” would have felt if she was interrupted in her work  by Mr.Wordswoth and was told that her voice was simply awesome!!!!!……..( and that he was planning to write a poem for her). Jokes apart, the feeling for the first “like” is unique (as my fellow bloggers would know) and even more special if the reader is a stranger living in some far off country where you have never travelled before. This means you have the power to transcend the boundaries of cast, creed, religion, nationality and acquaintence. Thats pretty reassuring…


P.S When you think to write junk, you actually decide not to write good.And hence you start as a natural..


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