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January 1, 2012

Street dogs…. They are unruly, they bicker over the pettiest of issues, they reproduce rather brazenly, their existence is solely based on feeding themselves, biting leftovers here and there, spreading filth …seems as if their whole existence is governed by some pure carnal instincts which happen to be hunger, sex and jealousy.

What if the birth of a sagely street dog took place, who would lead their entire race towards refinement of thought, purpose and action? What shall be his first words..Evolve..and become more human.

One may think that such an idea is purely hogwash but the fact is…I know of a sagely street dog.

He does not bicker with his fellow beings, does not live to only eat. He is solemn. He seems sophisticated, reserved and practices control. If it spots me or for that matter any body biting on food he shall look up.. as expected..wishing for some share, softly wagging its tail, his part black part white skin colour conveying the monotony of the fact that when hungry there is nothing doing except looking for food….. But it does not mean that he will keep on following every movement of one’s food till the point the person loses his patience over the unauthorized vigil, and finally throws him food. By just looking at the person he gets a feel whether he shall get a share. If it is a no, then he shall not waste a moment and leave. If it is a yes, then he does not need to wait much, he gets a piece thrown on the ground soon, which he doesn’t devour instantly (as the other dogs would do), but eats slowly… savoring the taste till the end… as if that was the last morsel he was consuming.

He has never been spotted mating. This might be a predominant occupation of his fellow brothers which they do quite brazenly, often irking people over the public display of obscenity,but for him its a no-no. It does not mean he is unattractive or is wound stricken but just that such things do not bother him at all. When his fellows are busy doing things merrily, one would spot him just lying undisturbed, fully curled up lost in some deep thought…. may be about the uselessness of such wanton preoccupations, or still may be about some long-lost love of his.

He practices silence. Yes one can almost never hear him bark. And given this stance of his it is almost impossible for him to get into a fight which other dogs almost regularly end up into. In a shivering cold night when a small group of men have lit up a flame to warm themselves, he suddenly appears from nowhere, and stands in front of them requesting some share of the warmth . The men too welcome him as if he was some friend of theirs, for whom they had been waiting and then…the bonhomie begins, the men chatting away merrily and the dog staring blankly at the rising flames feeling the warmth, while softly wagging its tail.

And at the end, if you ever happen to pat his back, he suddenly puts out his right paw forward and there remains little choice left, but to touch it back and be surprised at the gratitude a dog can show…

Perhaps, these happen to be my idiosyncratic observations of some unknown street dog, but still I feel a nice human touch in him, much different from the wild breed that can create irritation. I do not know if some day he will have his own band of followers, but as of now he is much evolved, much human like,much enlightened…


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