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New Year and our Resolutions

January 3, 2012

Happy New Year to everybody/anybody/nobody/me…the countdown, the celebration is long over and we have already covered a couple of days of this year. The resolutions have already started showing signs of triviality as we have become much more concerned about our day to day matters- like laundry,monthly payments to be made, the deadlines at office, grocery etc.. rather than the sudden resoluteness that had taken us over on the New Year Eve..

Personally my favorite resolution has been quiting smoking which I have failed to keep time and again. The first day of the last few years when I had made the above resolution, used to end giving me a feeling of triumph, as I had not light up, the second day, faint question marks used to appear in my head, whenever I violently shoved away any ideas of lighting up, the third day I seriously questioned my stance, on the fourth day I had almost bought a pack, and on the fifth I had eventually smoked. So it was all back to square one within five days.

Finally I decided not to get into the bandwagon of resolution makers, since I realized making resolutions was just a part of welcoming the new year. Personally I dont know anybody who has been able to keep his resolution made on the New Years eve. But I do know people who have accomplished some impossible feats begining it on some completely random day other than the 1st of Jan. Then why are we hell bent on making resolutions on the 31st of Dec every year?

The answer is pretty simple. We all want to feel absolutely good and chaste while welcoming a new year. All those things we did, that created agony, stress, negativity, things for which we felt guilty must be kept aside for a moment as we step into a new year. And what best way to do so but make resolutions which makes us feel that we have forgiven ourselves for all those things that we did against our liking and feel a bit light hearted since throughout the year we kept our hearts heavy.As if we vehmently deny to ourselves that something written on our notebook is someone elses and that from the next page onwards it would be completely us who would do the writing. But at the end when we start taking the notes its the other person again…and we are lost.

The key is to wake up with the above mentioned feeling everyday, and not restrict it to just a single day in the calender.Making resolutions is a way to feel better, sticking to it may be tough, but at least it can give us a feeling that the blemish,that want to erase, is not a permanent one, that there is somebody within us who strives for our betterment…and as we feel assured about this everyday,we can eventually become successful in our endevour.


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